Admonition 8

Day 11

Admonition 8 Of Avoiding the sin of envy

The Apostle affirms that “no man can say the Lord Jesus but by the Holy Ghost,”(I Cor. 12 : 3.) and “there is none that doth good, no not one.”(Ps 52:4)Whosoever, therefore, envies his brother on account of the good which the Lord says or does in him, commits a sin akin to blasphemy, because he envies the Most High Himself who says and does all that is good.

  • To envy another for what the Lord says and does through him is to envy God himself and amounts to blasphemy.

It is through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit or by His/ Her Power by which humanity can swear that Jesus is Lord. This is what marks us as Christians and though we are Christians Francis reminds us that nothing we do is good, not even the good we are seen to do. For any good works seen to be at our hands are wrought by the Lord through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Do not envy your brethren for what the Lord works through them and be ye  likewise unenviable.
  • For those Works the Lord chooses to work in us may be the works of which martyrdom is made.

Saint Francis of Assisi, The Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, newly translated into English with an Introduction and Notes by Father Paschal Robinson (Philadelphia: The Dolphin Press, 1906). ‎14‎/‎9‎/‎2015.

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