Admonition 9

Day 12
Admonition 9. of Love

The Lord says in the Gospel, “Love your enemies,” etc. Matt.5:44
He truly loves his enemy who does not grieve because of the wrong done to himself, but who is afflicted for love of God because of the sin on his [brother’s] soul and who shows his love by his works.


Rather similar to the narrative of the Good Samaritan I ask myself, not who is my neighbour?, but who is my enemy? Generally I do not take offence or bear ill will to distant enemies of my Nation some long years after crises are over. My enemy or protagonist is usually my friend who wrongs me in wounding my ego and since they are my friend they seem far more foul than the true enemy because I feel betrayed.

And we do notice here that Francis speaks here just exactly about this – the wounding of a brother or sisters soul and their need to forgive those who have wounded them.

More than this, to count the hurt as nothing and of less importance than the sin on their brethren’s Soul for which they need to feel the pain and sorrow and by their works show them  Love.

Always with Francis it comes back to us that it doesn’t matter what others have done unto us but that we always do unto them as we would be done by.

Saint Francis of Assisi, The Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, newly translated into English with an Introduction and Notes by Father Paschal Robinson (Philadelphia: The Dolphin Press, 1906). ‎14‎/‎9‎/‎2015.


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