Admonition 15


Day 18

Admonition 15: Blessed are the Peace Makers 1.

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matt. 5. 9) They are truly peacemakers who amidst all they suffer in this world maintain peace in soul and body for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We cannot make peace unless we are serene, within ourselves.  Peacemakers are those of us who keep our inner serenity and display outward calm, and who remain healthy through our love for our Lord Jesus in spite of all we suffer in this world.

Investigating my Thesaurus shows that peacemaking is a very active role, one requiring all our inner calm. Yet how difficult it might be to be Christian in some of these situations?

Peacemakers may be Negotiators in the military sense as in ‘the Peace Keeping Forces’; Peace Corp, Partisans, Hostage Negotiators.

Psychologists, Psychiatrists who mediate for the mind, Family Court Judges for the families, especially the children

They can be the totally impartial or disinterested party whose focus is ‘the Peace’. And I don’t mean ‘peace at any price’

And many more.

It might help us if we knew to whom Jesus referred when he spoke of peacemakers in the Beatitudes.
Benson Commentary 2

Matthew 5:9. The peace-makers — Those who are themselves of a peaceable temper, and endeavour to promote peace in others: who study to be quiet, and, as much as in them lieth, to live peaceably with all men: who are so far from sowing the seeds of discord between any of their fellow-creatures, that they both studiously avoid contention themselves, and labour to extinguish it wherever it prevails, laying themselves out to heal the differences of brethren and neighbours, to reconcile contending parties, and to restore peace wherever it is broken, as well as to preserve it where it is. They shall be called the children of God — That is, they are and shall be owned by God as his genuine children, by reason of their great likeness to him: for he is the God of peace and love, and is in Christ reconciling the world to himself not imputing their trespasses to them. And, being his children, they are his heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ; and, as they suffer with him, so shall they be glorified together. They shall, in due time, be children of the resurrection, shall receive the adoption, the public declaration and manifestation of their adoption, and the glorious fruit of it, viz., the redemption of their bodies from death and corruption.

Here above is the how to the what, or how the Peacemaker achieves and keeps the Peace; and it is this spirit that the peacemakers take with them into whatever arena they wish to render serene.
Spiritually the reward or perhaps the natural outcome is to be called the children of God, or as Benson suggests the Sons and daughters of God, since we are joint heirs with Christ.

It is vital for one to be a Peacemaker if one intends to belong to a religious Order of any variety since close quarter living can seem like living in a Yellow Submarine.


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