Admonition 17

Day 20

Admonition: Of the Humble Servant of God1

Blessed is that servant who is not more puffed up because of the good the Lord says and works through him than because of that which He says and works through others. A man sins who wishes to receive more from his neighbor than he is himself willing to give to the Lord God.


This state of blessedness μακάριος, makarios,2 is somewhere already attained by that humble servant, it is not conditional upon not being prouder or more puffed up. It is a description of one who has already obtained blessedness.

For those yet to attain blessedness –  I need to unscramble this since it is not immediately apparent to simple ears.

Meaning  of ‘Puffed up’ – like a Porcupine whose quills are uplifted or a Peacock’s tail on display? A Cock pigeon proving himself the best of birds might be closer to the mark yet all these things are signs of pride of being full of ourselves.

  • We become humble servants of God when we are not prouder or more proud of the deeds God works through us than we are of those deeds God works through others.
  • It seems from what follows that this implies that we then expect more of our neighbours.

Francis tells us that it is a sin to expect more from our neighbours than we are willing to give to God.  I cannot expect my neighbour or my fellow religious to labour for me for two days when I will only labour one day for the Lord!

We are to love each other irrespective of the gifts God gives us, without being jealous of those Gifts granted to others nor prouder of our own. To love all people equally as though they were Jesus our Lord.

Those in the state of Blessedness and humbleness do so and know no other manner.

For a Vision of Your Holiness

Make me that sensitive to Your holiness, O God, that I might indeed be aware of my vileness and fall before You in humility and confession.3


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