Admonition 22

Custody of Words

Day 25

Admonition 22. 1

Of the Frivolous and Talkative Religious

Blessed is that servant who does not speak through hope of reward and who does not manifest everything and is not “hasty to speak,” 2 but who wisely foresees what he ought to say and answer. Woe to that religious who not concealing in his heart the good things which the Lord has disclosed to him and who not manifesting them to others by his work, seeks rather through hope of reward to make them known to men by words: for now he receives his recompense and his hearers bear away little fruit.


Keeping custody of our words, knowing when to speak and when to be silent, knowing how much to reveal about a certain subject and when. Reserving the private conversations between our own hearts and God for our own rooms.

We must not spurt God’s confidences like a hose pipe with many piercings others will grow tired of us when we present as one who has that ‘special’ relationship with God who tells me this or that. God will not continue to speak and we will be as obvious as a clear pane of class.


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