Admonition 23

When we think of the fruit “self-control”, we often relegate it to one’s ability to control his or her behavior……

Day 26

Admonition 23

Of True Correction 1.

Blessed is the servant who bears discipline, accusation, and blame from others as patiently as if they came from himself. Blessed is the servant who, when reproved, mildly submits, modestly obeys, humbly confesses, and willingly satisfies. Blessed is the servant who is not prompt to excuse himself and who humbly bears shame and reproof for sin when he is without fault.2.


“As patiently as if they came from him/herself” presumes one is patient enough with one’s own failings as to bear with others likewise.

Francis then tells us that to reach this state is to be Bless-ed.

The ‘Blessed’ are humble and patient and self-confident in their relationship with their God – they can do all of the above in complete peace of mind.

Even when without fault because they know who they are in Jesus Christ their Lord who himself blameless, bore our sins on the cross.

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