Admonition 27 English/Latin

Since I was not satisfied with my efforts concerning Admonition 27  I got my Latin Words and Meanings programme out and came up with an alternate verse 6.

Given Translation-go to XXVII Francis’ Latin
1 Where there is charity and wisdom,there is neither fear nor ignorance. 1 Ubi caritas est et sapientia, ibi nec timor nec ignorantia.
2 Where there is patience and humility,there is neither anger nor disturbance. 2 Ubi est patientia et humilitas, ibi nec ira nec perturbatio.
3 Where there is poverty with joy,there is neither greed nor avarice. 3 Ubi est paupertas cum laetitia, ibi nec cupiditas nec avaritia.
4 Where there is rest and meditation,there is neither anxiety nor restlessness. 4 Ubi est quies et meditatio, ibi neque sollicitudo neque vagatio.
5 Where there is fear of the Lord to guard an entrance,there the enemy cannot have a place to enter. 5 Ubi est timor Domini ad atrium suum custodiendum, ibi inimicus

non potest habere locum ad ingrediendum.

6 Where there is a heart full of mercy11?????

Try -Where there is mercy and discretion there is neither imprudence nor hardheartedness

6 Ubi est misericordia et discretio, ibi nec superfluitas nec induratio.

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