Admonition 28

Day 31

Admonition 28:

Of Hiding the Good lest it be lost 1.

Blessed is the servant who treasures up in heaven (See Matt 6 20)2. the good things which the Lord shows him and who does not wish to manifest them to men through the hope of reward, for the Most High will Himself manifest his works to whomsoever He may please. Blessed is the servant who keeps the secrets of the Lord in his heart.3.

  • 3. St Francis would often say to his brethren “When a servant of God receives any divine inspiration in prayer, he ought to say, ‘This consolation, O Lord, Thou hast sent from heaven to me, a most unworthy sinner, and I commit it to Thy care, for I know that I should be but a thief of Thy treasure.’ And when he returns to prayer, he ought to bear himself as a little one and a sinner, as if he had received no new grace from God”—St Bonaventure, Leg Maj., X, 4


The relationship between our God and the Subject is awesomely mysterious and if it is there, rather than bragged about or spoken falsely of, then the conversation betwixt God and the subject who adores God is naturally held in the custody of the heart.

We have no inherent right to the jewels God communicates with us, we are, indeed heirs of Christ, then let us heed Christ- for what belongs to God we leave with God and what is for the world we give to it and let God decided the rest.

If, truly our most pleasant conversations with the One are for all humanity then they will know them from the One.


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