Confirmation- a

Confirmation blessing A girl is blessed by the priest during her confirmation in the Norwegian state church. By: Pål Berge

In the Eastern Orthodox, Orthodox, Catholic and Anglo-catholic Churches Confirmation is one of the 7 Sacraments and is the 3rd sacrament of Initiation for Anglo Catholics and Catholics.

For ordinary Anglicans it is considered a Rite, statement from the Anglican Church of Australia – N.B. practices in the Anglican Communion are becoming very fluid and sometimes differ from the stated norm.

1. Confirmation 1.

Confirmation is the laying on of hands by the bishop with prayers for the gift of the Holy Spirit for mission and ministry. It is a time when baptised persons confirm the promises made on their behalf in infant baptism and take on adult responsibility for their Christian life. In the past confirmation occurred in the teenage years and allowed those confirmed to participate in Holy Communion. With the admission of children to Holy Communion at an earlier age, confirmation may occur later.

  • For the Orthodox Confirmation is administered after Holy Communion at Baptism and referred to as Chrismation
  • The Coptic Church also confers this sacrament at Baptism where it is known as The Sacrament of Myron.
  • Lutherans refer to it as “affirmation of baptism”,2.
  • Moravians – 4 Sacraments where Confirmation is recognized by the Anglican Church for means of Inter-church Confirmation.
  • Baptists – Do not Confirm the witness of the Converted Adult at their Baptism is considered that time when the Holy Spirit comes upon that person
  • Methodists 3.

the Methodist Worship Book declares that

In Confirmation, those who have been baptized declare their faith in Christ and are Strengthened by the Holy Spirit for continuing discipleship. Confirmation reminds us that we are baptized and that God continues to be at work in our lives: we respond by affirming that we belong to Christ and to the whole People of God. At a Service of Confirmation, baptized Christians are also received into membership of the Methodist Church and take their place as such in a local congregation

  • In Methodism Confirmation is considered one of  the 5 lesser Sacraments not mentioned by Christ in the Scriptures.
  • Presbyterians- in the USA “This is a profession of faith either private or public” in the  Church of Scotland ” This public profession of faith is sometimes referred to as confirmation. It occurs from around the age of 16, and admits the individual to all the rights and privileges of Church membership.

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