True Accountability



Elf on the Shelf.

I’m sorry, but when, exactly, did this become a thing?

Elf on the Shelf, in case you haven’t heard of this new parenting phenomenon, is a little figurine of an elf that parents place in the house in the months leading up to Christmas. The story is that Santa “sends” the elf to report back on whether the kids should go on the “Good List” or the “Naughty List.”


Frankly, I think it’s just an excuse for parents to milk the whole “he-knows-if-you’ve-been-bad-or-good” thing for all it’s worth.

(Can you hear the eye roll from here?)


Anywho. Clearly, this was not around when I was growing up.

And to be quite frank…which, as you know, I always am…I think the whole thing…well…it stinks like rotten fish.


OK, hold the phone…This is a harmless, fun little tradition that makes my kids squeal with excitement. Why are you…

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