Christian webs

Nehemiah 9:6 N.A.S.B.

1. He leads me beside a moorland stream – Julia aka Gentle Breeze

Refreshment, ripples and reflections as we quench our thirst at a moorland stream.

About Julia

2. The Church Set Free

“Church Set Free” is a community of Christian Bloggers and others, from various backgrounds and locations who are here to build up and encourage anyone and everyone in the greatest adventure imaginable

3. The Life Project   Finding clear and simple Faith

Don Merritt (that’s me) is just a regular guy who has had a half-century of living life. I’ve had experiences that are quite normal and typical… and some that are less common. I’ve been busy for a long time in activities that range from politics to writing to running a business to teaching Seminary… and to being a husband and father.

4.The River Walk

Daily Thought and Meditations as we Journey together with Our Lord

5. There is Something About Mary

“This place is a journey, a place to express thoughts and words. It is a documentary of my faith- the good, and the not so good. It is a way to journey with others. I hope you will join me on my journey, express your thoughts and become a fellow traveler.”


Emma is a multi-talented evangelist woman(mother & grandmother) who has primarily spent the last 14 years serving as a probono lifecoach for God’s Glory. -This is something different


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