God Is Not Keeping Score

Emma Ortega N.

Children of God,

Do you know that God is not keeping score of the good things you could have done.  No.  He is keeping track of all the good and great things you have already done for His Glory.

God knows that if He kept track of what you did wrong or didn’t do right; you would be down in the dumps the majority of your life.  God is the Great Encourager.  He’s there to embrace you when you think you messed things up or didn’t follow through with something He placed in your heart.

God is not Man.  Man is the one that keeps score and wants to make you feel bad at any moment.   You belong to God, not Man.

The only thing God is keeping track of is the extra grace and mercy that He wants to give you so that you can continue producing more fruits for His Glory.

He wants your vineyard to grow across the nations.  He is your biggest cheerleader!

So, cheer up if you didn’t quite do a good deed today.  Focus on all the good and great things you have done and move forward.  Put the past in the past where it belongs because that is what God would want you to do.  Go to original post

“In Life, you must not dwell on any negative past.  For if you do; you will certainly never see your tomorrow because you will stay dormant in that negative state.” @Emma Ortega Negrete

Continued Love, Light and Blessings, Emma


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