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Is Marriage Obligatory Or Optional?

January 8, 2016Marriage

Marriage is an important event in Christian life. Many books, magazines and counseling materials are dedicated to the subject of marriage importance. Now, it seems that this event (marriage) is now turning into a controversial subject among some group of people, particularly the Christians, arguing whether it’s obligatory to marry or not or it’s optional. This argument occurs as a result of their understanding and beliefs’ differences about it. Some people said and concluded that without marriage heaven is not sure, meanwhile, this particular statement and belief about marriage has seriously thrown many minds into confusion about whether they have made a mistake or not in their decision to stay single because of their doctrinal beliefs. As a result of this tendentious viewpoint about marriage, it’s good to search the Scripture to see what the Bible has to say about this, before jumping into any conclusion as to whether the statement is a truth or not (maybe is truly an error to stay single as some people do say or not. Apostle Paul And Jesus Teachings On Marriage

Source: Is Marriage Obligatory Or Optional? | THE LIFES’ “CLUES”