Sacred Heart


Sacre Coeur

There are certain stages in someones conversion experience when they come to Catholicism that can explicitly centre about the mystery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the relationship Christ bears to us through it. As Protestants we are not used to focusing on the 5 wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ in such a manner as to pray to them A PRAYER IN HONOUR
OF THE FIVE WOUNDS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST;  or in singling out His Sacred Heart for special Adoration as thought either of these had a life of their own. Likewise the Immaculate Heart of his Holy and Blessed Mother.

The Apostle and Evangelist Paul speaks often to us of the Body of Christ ( The Church) meaning ourselves who are the members thereof, yet is seems to those without the Faith that we seek to dismember Christ. 1 Corinthians 12.12-30


Sacred Heart

Here is another piece of poetry I wrote during my Journey home, composed on 8th January 2998 and added to the collection on 28th September 1999

When you try to come to me before you have encountered yourself

It is as if you discard yourself like a dish rag-

left lying there;

In the gutter of your life encrusted with the grime of good intentions, torn apart by pride and self – abasement,

For all your feet to kick at and to march right over yourself.

Knowing not yourself; your actions assert your knowledge of Me – this can never be!

Outside, away from yourself you bend your knees and gaze adoringly to the skies! You seek Me far from the rag of yourself which you have abandoned in the street!

Gather yourself up, turn the eyes of your heart lovingly upon the grime of your good- intentions.

And allow that you have meant well!

Wash the vase of yourself carefully, with that raggedness of yourself. All held dearly, safe and close in hands which, once were cruciform, now cradle your soul from within your own beating heart!

Hold yourself well and truly met, and then find Me where I reside – In the rage of you.

Know yourself and discard not yourself;

And I, in knowing you shall not discard you. Then shall you enter into Me!


Culture, Education, Philosophy

“Know thyself ( Know yourself)”, γνῶθι σεαυτόν (gnóthi seautón), Nosce te ipsum, Conócete a ti mismo, Connais-toi toi-même, Conosci te stesso, Erkenne dich selbst.

This ancient Greek phrase, “know yourself” is the simplest invitation to reflect on oneself

This phrase, which has a high ethical value and a religious value for some people, is a forceful and disturbing order, because it makes the men, curious beings, face the fact that we need to know, to understand and to accept ourselves; it also makes us face with the evidence of the lack of that self-knowledge and awareness of oneself.

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