“Do this in memory of me”

Fazei isto em memória de Mim, até a Minha voltaTerça-feira, 13 de setembro de 1994

Fazei isto em memória de Mim, até a Minha voltaMeus amados filhos consagrados ao serviço de Cristo! Jesus amou tanto a humanidade, na pessoa de vocês, que, antes de voltar ao Pai, elevou-os à dignidade de sacerdotes da Boa Nova e lhes deu o milagre da Eucaristia, como garantia de Sua presença, para que dessem testemunho desse amor.Ele, tomando o pão e o cálice com vinho, deu a vocês, num gesto que atravessa dois milênios, e pediu: “Fazei isto em memória de Mim, até a Minha volta.”


Here is a Google grammar scramble

My beloved children consecrated to the service of Christ!
Jesus so loved mankind in the person of you, who, before returning to the Father, raised them to the dignity of priests of the Good News and gave them the miracle of the Eucharist, as a guarantee of his presence, to give witness to this love.
He took the bread and cup of wine, gave you, a gesture that crosses two millennia, and asked: “Do this in memory of me, until my back.”
This gesture is the heart of the Church and, consequently, the entire Christian aspiration. The Church is the body of Christ, so it participates intensely, the Eucharistic Sacrifice.
Jesus, by His will and power, transubstantiates matter of bread and wine and gives, in every particle of this matter, his Body and his Blood incorruptible and indivisible. Behold the great mystery with which you are participating and responsible.

If you falter in the credulity of transubstantiation, the gesture of Christ will lose the meaning and the smoke of Satan turvará their views, turning them into zombies, in the heart of the pulsating life of the Church. Priestly ruin mistreats the heart of Jesus and the Man, because it is the denial of Christ’s invitation to participate in this act of love.
I tell you: the Church offers, with open arms, like Christ on the cross, so that as infinite mercy and grace so great are not taken from the Christian people.

My dear children, I wish you love and respect the dignity of consecrated to Jesus, and also wish to pray much to not fall into the temptation of denial of this alliance merciful. Pray much for the Pope, who I love so much!

Thank you for having responded to my call.

Source: Fazei isto em memória de Mim, até a Minha volta- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora a Raymundo Lopes, Aparição de Nossa Senhora em Belo Horizonte, BH, Brasil


Sent to me to my Facebook its an ethnocentric ultra-catholic manner of expressing something without which some of us cannot live.

There is an audio track on the page with this also.

Have a think about the degree to which one’s ethnicity determines one’s beliefs and religious practices, especially should we belong to a denomination which is not Sola Scriptura, rather Prima Scriptura in which weight is also given to the writings of the church Fathers, Human Ecclesiastic Traditions and annunciations and apparitions of various kinds. Think where most of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary have occurred.

Might belonging to Sola Scriptura denominations in outlying territories also produce a distinctive kind of Christianity perhaps renown for Charismatic or Pentecostal Practices that it’s city brothers and sisters don’t experience or wish to?

Once we have put a label on our Christianity have we already limited its outreach?

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