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Do the color of my words matter? Would you read them better if I dressed them in white or black? Combining the passion of the moment with the honesty of my pen. I color my words blindly just as I color all of you. Do you appreciate my attempt? Or instead do you hate the shade that I chose.I could hang a single word of love from a string and dangle it in the light. Allowing the sun to color the meaning of my word. Would I wear such a literal object around my neck? That would depend on if it matched the pigment of my skin.What color do my words stain your fingers as you pick apart my letters to discern my meaning. Do they bleed red with the earnest of understanding? Or instead does your cheek blush with the introduction of want. The understanding of the color of my words.-

Opinionated Man Jason C. Cushman@smokendust

Source: The Color of My Words – HarsH ReaLiTy