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The WordPress Community relies predominently on its words and images to spread its messages through the ethernet, the internet, even the fishing net as the various Christians go about our fishing for people in these populous verbacious marinous depths.

Images, because there is a wealth of glorious talent up here of which I am an eager collector at brandrewmuses.wordpress.com , mentioned, because they speak a thousand words, can stun us into silence or launch a symphony, a novel..

Words are things we all use everyday, often, even those of us who cannot speak for the  way  we communicated originally was with Signing which today has evolved into sophisticated languages and ergots just as has the written and spoken word. We have ASL, BSL, AULAN, SASL American, British, Australian and  South African- all very different, with dialectic differnces, albeit declining within the Signing itself.

I hazard to say that once the required Brain configurations were in place images and signs were the precursor to speech.

Examples of signs meaning “USA” from Cardiff, London, Newcastle, Bristol and Belfast

There is no documentation before 18th France when we encounter the pioneer Charles-Michel de l’Epee (1712-1789) Until this time a person was considered less than human because they lacked the power of speech or hearing.

So powerful is the spoken word – the noise we make, sound and fury signifying nothing.

As a child I learned to sign BSL, I now have deaf friends here in Australia and am 60% deaf myself yet have not yet learnt  AUSLAN which is different – BSL and AUSLAN are very similar as far as finger spelling goes ASL is very different.

Here go and practise AUSLAN

One of my fellow priests -one of the first deaf priests ordained has SASL as his first signing language ( South African Sign Language), AUSLAN as his second, his Australian friend uses AUSLAN. When I watch them I notice the same signs being used to represent letters which I have now discovered in ASL would mean something else, the same spoken language but different alphabet. Almost like our various Romance languages sharing the alphabet to fashion different words for the same object.

The Lord’s Prayer in AUSLAN

Words mean


Words are not just wind.[23]

Words have something to say. But if what they have to say is not fixed, then do they really say something? People suppose the words are
different from the peeps of baby birds, but is there any difference, or isn’t there? And, in Lao Tzu, chapter 1:

The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao itself. The name that can be named is not the name itself. The unnameable is the source of the universe. The nameable is the originator of the universe. Therefore, often times with intention I see the wonder of Tao; Often times with intention I see its manifestations. Its wonder and its manifestations are one and the same. Since their emergence, they have been called by different names. Their identity is called the mystery. From mystery to further mystery: The entry of all wonders?[24]


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