“Seek nothing other than to fear Him, to love Him, and to walk in all His ways. This is your boast, and this is your God.” Gregory Palamas

O Lord! Are we to know the secret of everlasting life? What price do we pay when we fail to heed God’s word? Will we be banished from God’s sight? Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. Abel gave his best to tending his flock. Lord, help me to give my best. For it is only in giving You my ultimate capabilities that I will be saved from the fate of Cain who held back his best. He was unable to sacrifice himself completely. He held back his heart. And in holding back, he only hurt himself. O Lord, help me to see that only when I give myself completely and unreservedly – total sacrifice of myself – only then will I be filled with Your peace, Your serenity.


Source: A Journey through Great Lent