God the Mind-humanity


 Tree of Life with Hands


God beheld the embodiment of his thoughts, all of which his Word had spoken and God said: ” Yet there is nowhere an expression of me which reflects my image and likeness.”

Any bird, fish, or flower does not mirror that original expression of God’s mindful glory.

And God thought beautiful bright ideas and the Word spoke their names:
“Man and woman”,
God breathed his own spirit into them and set them down.
And there were people on earth.

“When you have grown in maturity and wisdom and have a single mind then you shall return to take your place in Mind. For you are my beautiful bright ideas whom I have conceived and enlivened and you shall return unto yourself.”

Therefore the mind of God waits with the original expression of his mindful glory for all others, save the Beautiful to return.

And the mind of God sent forth his thoughts, in freedom, to choose whether to return. Like the Beautiful, they, too were beguiled by thoughts of becoming Mind.

One thing alone did God the mind forbid  his thoughts: that they know the difference between right and wrong. For only Mind knew this.

The  Beautiful one, who aspired to Mind and fell, beguiled the expressions of God with the fruit of desire.

In taking it, men and women knew, for a time, how it was to be Mind, they knew of the state of war within the mind.

God the mind, out of love fore his expressions, sent them far away from this place, where, if they so desired, these now confused expressions of his glory might live forever in that confusion.
The tree of life grew nearby there

Image adapted from ” Tree of Life with hands”From Sacred Illuminations web




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