The Fullness of Time

Image: – Jesus was right on time Phil Moser

The Fullness of Time

God the Mind spoke to God the Word in the company of God the Spirit and said:

“Expressions of mine, my beautiful bright ideas now live in dark confusion, I would call them home to live in Mind forever, yet they are impure. They need redemption from the conflict of a divided mind- which cannot do well because of the  knowledge of ‘choice’

You, the Word are the original expression of my mindful glory. You, in speaking my mind have, with my spirit, called forth everything into being.

When the fullness of time comes upon them, I shall send you, My Word as an embodiment of my mindful glory. The only perfect beautiful bright idea. Truth incarnate, you will give up to me your life upon the tree you spoke into being and so atone for all sins proceeding from the confusion of knowledge. You, my Word, must die to clear the way out of confusion so that all my expressions may return to Mind”

“For this is how God loved the world
He gave his only son,
so that everyone who believes in him
may not perish
But may have eternal life”( John 3:16, Jerusalem Bible – I possessed at that time)


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