God’s mind is singular

Books and DVDs on Homosexuality and Transgender issues in Christianity – mostly positive

Part I – God the Mind humanity

Part II The Fullness of Time

“For this is how God loved the world
He gave his only son,
so that everyone who believes in him
may not perish
But may have eternal life”

Thus, the incarnate Word drew all in carnation to himself and so enabled all expressions to become, once more, those beautiful bright ideas that fill the mind of God with peace and tranquility.

And God’s mind is singular!

God thought:

“when a woman loves a woman and when a man loves a man far more than a husband or a wife- then their fellows will look woefully askance and threaten them with my wrath, the place of darkness, of white hot flames— and refuse to see…

And God Said:

“This is Man’s highest calling: to love; to evoke life and wholeness in another, to become  the other self. To reach so mightily inward to become one within me. Woman, also called to bring life and wholeness beholds the thread of life within her lover, catches it and knits it into that supreme garment which binds them both into my mind.
These are my gay and lesbian thoughts, my beautiful bright ideas and I have sent them forth into the world, I have sent them and I have seen them and they are very good!”

Still God thought.

The others will not see!

“The fear and blindness of those others might quench the gaiety in these, my brightest ideas. Might leave them sitting alone on the sidelines of life in solitary celibacy.”

God said

“My Call is to be fruitful and multiply – not only each other,
But each one the other.
Loving is life-giving.
Loving is making whole.
Loving is knowing each one the other as both are truly known.

 For these, my beautiful bright ideas, to love is to attain a place within me in  pure unending light, to enter, in desire, those pure white streams  and to know my mind.

These, my beautiful brightest ideas, my gay and lesbian thoughts ARE because so I FIRST thought them TO BE.”

This trilogy known as God’s Gay and Lesbian Thoughts was written in the last decade of the 20th Century, probably 1999 while still under the influence of Catholic dogma etceterasogmus.

Part I – God the Mind humanity

Part II The Fullness of Time

Last edit today 12th April 2016

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