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There are times when God and I laugh together. We certainly go through some life challenging times with one another, so when one of these moments come along, I hear Him laughing with me:

Yesterday, while trying to rescue a snake from the pool, I fell in the pool! By itself, that is pretty funny but since it isn’t June yet, and I like warm water, this was the equivalent of me taking the polar bear plunge up north with our cold loving brothers and sisters.

At first, it was quite a shock, but I quickly realized this was one of those crisis times I learned to respond to in elementary school: Stop /  Drop   /  Roll!

I stopped and assessed my situation. I saw the snake swimming above me, I’m sure, wondering what in the world just happened. Those must have felt like hurricane force waves for the little guy.

So, after stopping, it was time to drop which it seemed like I had already done as I was on the bottom of the pool.

Time to roll….well about this time, it dawned on me I might have recalled the wrong crisis resolution solution.

Growing up swimming and surfing on the east coast, being under water unexpectedly is something I can handle. At this point, my main concern was the snake who could have had a reptilain heart attack by now.

I got out of the pool and found him and picked him up and found him a nice sunny spot to relax and contemplate his big adventure.

Stop Drop Pray

I get the connection.

Thank you God.

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.”

– Robert Frost

Source: Stop Drop Pray « discoveringandsharinggrace


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