The Messiah Marketing Plan: Food for the Masses…

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blank Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Messiah Marketing Plan: Food for the Masses…

Dear Friends,

Commentary Headline

Again this weekend we are treated to a Reflection on the Sunday Readings that a lot of research has gone into and which is more comprehensive than you’re likely to hear in any homily this weekend. Joe (Journeyman) Weber is the one who has prepared this reflection and he draws on the insights of a number of other scholars and commentators to bring out what the writers of the ancient scriptures were more than probably driving at. There’s also lost of interesting historical facts in this: for instance, did you know where the name Jerusalem came from? Ultimately though Joe is endeavouring to bring fresh light and meaning into this expression so central to Catholic thought, and the Feast of Corpus Christi: the meaning of the “real presence”. This is a commentary worth spending some time on.

<Read the Reflections of Journeyman and others in our forum…>

SEEKING YOUR FEEDBACK: On the forum I have placed a post seeking feedback about a possible change I’m considering making to the daily and weekly emails. I’d appreciate you reading this and letting me know if you have any suggestions about this either way. You’ll find the post at the link below:

<Read the post about possible changes to the style of these emails…>

Thursday’s email…
HeadlineDo we need a Vatican II Rite? Unfortunately I spent too much time this morning writing a response to Sister Lea on the forum challenging the idea that we need a Vatican II Rite. You can read my post at the link below and also a number of interesting posts from Sister Lea. As a result of that, and other more domestic pressures here, I didn’t prepare a lead commentary. I should also point out though that Paschal Kearney’s commentary from yesterday has generating significant discussion — and that looks set to continue with the YNOT Question the Sunday Readings thread which explores similar territory. The lead commentary for that thread by Joe (Journeyman) Weber is already online. <further information in Thursday’s email>
Paschal Kearney…
HeadlineReclaiming the Original Meaning of the Eucharist… A regular contributor to our forum, Helen, who also coordinates the Cyber Christian Community in Albany, Western Australia, offers us this reflection from Fr Paschal Kearney from their website. She suggests as “support for the Dr Suresh Shenoy’s commentaries” of recent weeks [LINK]. Helen writes further: “What a difference from today’s theology, where Christ’s presence depends on having the ‘right person’ saying the ‘right words’ over the ‘right elements’. In the early celebration of the Lord’s Supper, Christ’s presence revolved around a commitment to be one with all who were present. And what a difference this makes to how we receive Communion!” <more>
Tom McMahon…
HeadlineThe Church will survive if it opens itself to genuine adult education… After consultation with Tom McMahon by Skype, we’ve decided to hold an initial part of this commentary that provided a further update on the plans to re-juvenate the Community of Jesus Our Brother. More work needs to be done on that. What follows is the second part of the commentary he wrote on the weekend which ends by suggesting “The Church will survive if it opens itself to genuine adult education”. <more>
Thomas P. Rausch…
HeadlineCan Doctrine develop and change? I’m again holding Tom McMahon’s commentary until I can have a clarifying conversation with him on Skype. In the meantime Reyanna Rice (Concerned Catholics of Montana) has drawn my attention to a lengthy article published in the Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, “Catholic New World”, by Thomas P. Rausch S.J., looking at how doctrine is developed and changes down through time in Catholicism. The article was originally published in the Vatican quasi-official journal “La Civiltà Cattolica”. This is a lengthy article but well worth the investment of time for anyone seriously interested in where the Church and religious belief is heading — particularly under the gentle, guiding mind of Papa Francesco. <the discussion on our forum> | <direct link to the article in Catholic New World>
John Chuchman…
HeadlineHarnessing our Anger for Spiritual Maturity… Today’s reflection from John Chuchman looks at a problem common to those who have become disenchanted with the agenda promoted by the institutional Church: a feeling of anger at the loss of what has been stolen from us. John suggests turning this anger around and harnessing it for our own spiritual maturity. <more>
Wishing you a great day wherever you happen to be … in life and in our world.

Brian Coyne
Editor and Publisher

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tel: +612 4753 1226
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