Speaking My Truth


Speaking My Truth
Growing Up
I used to be
a pewsitter
until I woke up.

I strove
to earn entry to Heaven,
until I realized that
the Kingdom of God
is at hand.

I spent a lot of time and energy
trying to save my soul
until I discovered
Soul does not need Saving,
cannot be saved.

I lived in fear
of hell
and eternal damnation
until I heeded Jesus’ words
Fear Not.

I was taught
Fear of God
until I learned
God is Love.

I thought there were only seven Sacraments
until I discovered

I lived under the bushel
of doctrine, dogma, rites, rituals,
rules, and regulations
until I tipped the bushel
to let in some Light.

As I tipped the bushel
and moved out from under,
those seated atop
were upset.

Like the Sun,
I cannot look directly
at that by which
I see everything.
I used to think
I belonged to the one true church;
I learned
that I really did,

I tried to be
a good Christian
until I, instead,
strove to be
a follower of Jesus.

Programmed to believe
Sex was something dirty, impure,
needed only for procreation;
what a Joy
discovering it is Joyful,

I thought that
the Tower of Babel parable
was about the curse of diversity,
until I learned that
trying to make us all the same
is the true curse,
with Creation’s diversity
a Blessing.

I was taught
that gays and lesbians
were intrinsically disordered
until I found out that
those labeling them such

I was raised
in an Exclusive religion
in the name of Jesus
who was totally

I have not yet
figured out
why a penis is a requirement
for ordination,
not to be used
after ordination.

I was taught Mary Magdalene
was a recovering prostitute
only to learn
she was
Apostle to the apostles.

I was programmed
to obey and be silent,
learning that such behavior
makes me complicit
in religious tyranny and evil.

I never knew why
Primacy of Conscience
was kept a secret
learning that it raises too many questions
religious hierarchs cannot answer.

It felt safe and secure
under the bushel;
I am exposed to the elements.

I was surprised to discover
that Religious Ed
could be something not just for kids.

Despite years and years
of liturgical programming to the contrary,
I learned that
God is not only a He.

I used to think
Original Sin
was eating the forbidden Apple
and that Baptism was required of all
to remove that stain,
growing up
to learn
that Original Sin
is not seeing ourselves
as beautiful creations of God,
seeing ourselves somehow
as unworthy, not good enough.

Mind, Heart, Gut:
Holy Trinity?

Source: Speaking My Truth


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