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No, it’s not a death threat! The Lord walked with Adam & Eve in the garden. He met with Moses in the desert. He spoke to and through His prophets… and now He speaks through His Holy Spirit..

It’s beautiful to look through the Old Testament Bible and read about the spectacular Tabernacle build on God’s command. The place where God would dwell with His people in the wilderness…

It seems pretty clear to me that the Lord enjoys meeting with His people. A lot.

Of course, a Holy God can’t meet with some unholy/sinful girl to sip coffee at the nearest coffee shop… Not that the wilderness would have had a lot of those!.. Which is why Jesus came, so we CAN meet God. Of course a coffee shop in the wilderness would have been pretty cool… “what’s that? An iced Latte to go?” – ha! [Source: Prepare to meet God – Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus]