For every 25th December


Jesus III:
For Every 25 December

Jesus, whether or not today is your birthday, but if it is, then how easy just to greet your wonderful birthday to my fellow human siblings!
Only to greet on the night after a solemn communion to remember you, but then to forget your beautiful sermons and your great examples!
Every one of us will sing carols and share gifts, but wars are still out there, and each of us still let our own families, neighbors and friends weep as we keep hurting them.
Love is now merely illusion, your light is turning dim, and compassion as you have taught us is a bunch of nonsense in synagogues, churches and mosques!
Tell me, my lord, my divine murshid, is there really useful all those scriptures, theories by theologians and wisdom written by philosophers?
Rabbis, priests, shaykhs, theologians and preachers are but those who take us to kill and hurt each other.
Only to say I love you and I follow you, oh how that is so easy but we throw away your guides to purify our heart as we never forgive and keep on judging and punishing our fellow human siblings!
Xesus, Yeshua, and Iso, oh how many names of yours we repeat in our dhikrs and prayers, but we forget that we can become like you as you told and taught us!
Every one of us will dance, whirl and smile at each other to glorify your name and your wonderful days, but how we hide our sword, ready to stab and kill others!
Love is becoming only concepts, life is being less sacred and you are only a sweet name written on a beautiful tomb at a colorful forever spring garden!
Let me not saying Merry Christmas nor Buon Natale nor Selamat Natal so easily as I come out from a lovely mass in my church, but forgetting how to be like you.
Shaykha RA Gayatri WM.
December 21st, 2016.

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