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Hope you had a good Christmas!

I wanted to thank you, seriously, for reading my site.

We had over 250,000+ views from over 150+ countries in 2016. I recap the year and give you the full breakdown in this week’s post:

2016: A Year in Review

Or, if you’d like to skip to the “good stuff,” here’s the top 10 most popular posts of 2016:

My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016:

  1. Tim Keller on The Three Biggest Idols in Western Churches Today

  2. From Lesbianism to Follower of Christ: An Interview With Emily Thomes

  3. 3 Common Misconceptions of Calvinism

  4. Calvin’s 5 Rules for Right Prayer

  5. 11 Books Every Christian in College Should Read

  6. 6 Reasons Why You Should Pray

  7. 20 Things Every Christian in Their Twenties Should Know

  8. 25 Quick Prayer Tips and Reminders to Help Your Prayer Life

  9. The Best Christian Articles on Singleness, Dating, and Marriage

  10. How R.C. Sproul’s Words Changed My Life

Before we end the year, please accept my gratitude: I’m so very grateful that you read this site. The fact that one person reads one sentence still blows my mind, let alone thousands of people. And thank you for the emails, tweets, and Facebook messages. I get them on a weekly basis. I have a razor-sharp memory and remember every interaction. I don’t take your words for granted. In fact, they always make my day.

May the Lord bless this site for his glory for many more years to come.

David Qaoud
Founder of

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