What Is a Maamar? – More than just a teaching-chabad

When a maamar is spoken, a new light is entering the world.
Inner Wisdom

A maamar means something said, from the word amar, which means “to say.” But in Chabad, a maamar is no ordinary statement. The saying of a maamar carries unique significance. In fact, it is in delivering an original maamar to his chassidim that the role of a rebbe is most essentially epitomized.

Chassidim stand when a rebbe says a maamar, because they understand that he is drawing a new light into the world, a new vision for each of them as individuals and for the world as a whole. For generations to come they will study the maamar carefully, striving to comprehend it as much as possible, to repeat it and explain it in their own words, to integrate it into their worldview and into the way they live, and to illuminate all reality with its vision.

Source: What Is a Maamar? – More than just a teaching



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