Body Corporate 14 June 2017

I used to think that those within
the body corporate had hurt and polluted me
that I must cry and wail,
forever pointing and blaming
Shaming and hating those from the Body
Who had hurt me.

I then thought to remove me from the body corporate
To create something righteous and pure.
But, alas we are the body corporate,
the larger weaker for the loss of many like us
And we the weakest split fingernails caught
in the yolk of pride and self righteousness.

We leave because we are hurt by man-made rules
cut to the quick even cut to the death of us;
But the body corporate cannot function until all the
splinters are grafted on the vine.
If our faith be strong then there is ought to fear
and we should grasp the olive branch or extend it
far across the table corporate.

We have returned, we needed company, other christians,
Wary are we of those that drove us our before
hope Lord, please Lord, let our faith be stronger.

I have not abandoned the sheep without a fold but all the stronger
from the safety of the fold I pray they survive as 72 who went and healed
and drove satan from the ramparts of heaven.

Br Andrew

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