The Sabbath Breakers Part I

Sabbath Breakers Part I
by HOTD Staff Writer 19 October 2016 0 comment

This story relates to a small fishing community comprised of Bani Israel. During this time, because of their persistent disobedience and stubbornness, Allah decreed many injunctions against them as a punishment for their rebellious behaviour but also as a means of them cleansing their sins. Much of these injunctions and rules were therefore trials for the Bani Israel.

One of these injunctions was the observance of the Sabbath (Saturday), where Bani Israel was completely prohibited from doing any work or lighting a fire. For this fishing village, it meant that they were not allowed to fish on Saturdays.

This injunction was particularly difficult to comply with, because by the power of Allah, the seas in which they fished proved to be poor fishing ground for six days of the week, but on every Saturday, all types of fish would appear in the same sea, and were so abundant and prominent that they could even be seen playing at the surface. On all other days, the same fish would vanish and the fishermen would come back empty handed. The appearance of the plentiful fish was a trial from Allah to test the faith, obedience and patience of the community..[ ]


The sabbath breakers part ii



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