Importance Of Prayer -by Rick Christensen


As a Christian author and photographer, my goal is to provide a kind and gentle invitation for people to reflect upon their personal walk of faith.  My devotional, Discovering and Sharing Grace is available as an eBook in the Kindle store on Amazon and also on the Smashwords website. If you would like to know more about my book and inspirational photography, please send an email with the words Discover Grace in the subject line. My email address is: In addition, I offer a small group, interactive presentation on “Gentle Witnessing” which is based on GRACE.

Let us continue

To pray


Thank you for your comments during our series on prayer! Thank you for sharing these messages with family and friends! The series is also a wonderful way to let someone know you are praying for them! You can share the series with those you know who are spiritually seeking, as there are often many questions about the purpose and power of prayer!

We live in a hurting world where so many are without even the basic things we take for granted here!

During our prayers we can talk with God about anything which is such a blessing! I believe prayer is a sacred conversation, not a spiritual wish list of what we want. Let us talk with God about where He wants us to be and who does He want us to be with.

I always like to remember “Thy will be done” not my will!

Thank you so much for being here as we continue to discover God’s grace and how God can guide us to be a gentle witness.

Source: Importance Of Prayer « discoveringandsharinggrace

Hope Uniting Church continues to Fast and Pray, please follow Ricks several articles on Prayer.

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