Deeper than the sea



From atop a mountain deeper than the sea,

I steaded my canoe for its flight into the sky.

From there I soured in steady flight,

Until my plane landed upon the reedy sea

A thousand walked before me,

A regiment behind

Of chariots, horses and Pharaoh’s hoards,

Before the thousand, beyond the cloud,

I saw one as like unto the Sun of Man…

And submarine dived, and in my ears

The screaming, drowning horses cried

As iron sunk in sand with Pharaoh and his hoard

Horse and rider, he has thrown into the sea!

And on walked the thousand, the cloud by day

The fire by night and then they reached Canaan

A land of milk and honey

Abrahams Land.

You shall love the Lord your God

With heart and mind and voice

For God has become a child again,

Like wisdom of old

To play amid the sins of men

And guide them in my ways.

Let nothing come between us, my bride and

Lover true;

For I have married you Israel and bequeathed thee

My only son

Brighter than the cloud is he, hotter than the fire

To die amid a burning bush, he came.

I am the I am

Before Abraham is I am

And when all is gone.

When there is no faith on earth then

I will be as I will be.

Lifted high my bronzed serpent

Will cure the sting of evil

And kill the worm in Eden

That made one rotten apple

That Eve did take and eat and gave to Adam too

Maria Mother of Joshua has returned

And cider from apples makes that Joshua

Consecrates his life again

To redeem Eden that all may live forever

Beside the tree of life

And know the difference between right and wrong.

Full circle round we come.

Br Andrew efo 30th April 2007

Image from: Primo Bible Verses. 2018. Exodus 15:20-21 ESV. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 January 2018].


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