“Baptism: Down by the riverside” by Carl D’Agostino &  things by Andrew.

I really enjoy Carl D’Agostino’s posts, often very topical and always funny.

Jessica and I recently began Worshipping anew in Hope Uniting Church Maroubra Junction. Very glad to leave the Sacramental Churches behind to a place where Scripture is paramount and only the two sacraments of Baptism and Communion are practised, those ordained by christ himself.

Photo post by @dagostino07.

Source: “Baptism: Down by the riverside” by Carl D’Agostino

And some let you choose! In the  Uniting Church of Australia it is possible to give a blessing to a baby, for later Adult Baptism.There is also Infant Baptism, sometimes called Christening.Adult baptism is preferred since the one being Baptised can made their own statement of Faith.

Likewise the Baptist Church’s prefer Adult Baptism, or Believer’s Baptism; And for the 10 years or so I spent there I was required to be re baptised as an Adult since they do not recognise Infant baptism at all.

I have to say that though it is not Biblically correct, that a Believers baptism is a very special affair made when one has witnessed one’s conversion to Christianity, mode a la Baptist Church.






  1. As a Presbyterian I approve of infant baptism. Besides what the sacrament symbolizes I think it is also a parental declaration and affirmation before the congregation of their intent to raise the child “in Christ”. Approve of adult baptism as well and if the adult had already been baptized as an infant the second adult baptism is an energizing regeneration. I understand the reasons some may reject infant baptism and such is not an issue with me but remind of three things: 1. While Jesus was preaching one time the disciples sought to chase away some annoying children and Jesus admonished them saying bring the children to me. 2. Jesus said that those who enter his Kingdom must come as children. 3. The ones who ushered Jesus into Jerusalem shouting and dancing and singing and sounding instruments and carrying the palm fronds were children glorifying the procession. I am so very delighted you posted my cartoon and even more so to meet people of faith in these challenging times for Christians. I have other religious themed cartoons you may share here if you wish. Contact me dagostino07@gmail.com and I will put together something if you are interested. Blessings…

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    • Hi, in the Uniting Church we do both. Infant Baptism by sprinkling and adults according to choice. Parents will often dedicate their children, for provision for Adult Baptism at a later date.
      Now please may I hear something about Anabaptists, from the horses mouth?

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      • We do baby dedications as well and the adult baptism when they understand what it is all about. We go back to the 1525 Reformation. Zwingli and company did not agree with only adult baptism and many martyrs resulted. The history of it all can be found in Martyrs Mirror! They were drowned and burned at the stake! Hard to imagine anyone doing that over religious beliefs. My father was a Mennonite Minister. Origins from Menno Simons!

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      • We too do baby dedications, but leave water baptism for those who can understanding what it represents. My father was a Mennonite Minister. Mennonites originate from the 1525reformation and from the reformation leader Menno Simons. Anabaptists broke from Zwingli group and were pursued and drowned and burned at the stake for their beliefs. The book Martyrs Mirror tells of many who died this way! Over the years I have been part of an Assembly of God church and now an independent Bible Church. The journey is ongoing!

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      • Thank you for sharing, keep up your travelling. When we studied the Reformation it was from the Anglican perspective and didn’t take a look from the alternative Protestant position. Religion is sometimes deadly.
        I was christened in the High church of England, Baptised in the Baptist Church in Australia, spent time in the Church of Christ, Dalvation Army, Anglican Church in Australia. Ee bevame Catholics of the Roman Rite during the 80s. In my second marriage we attended the Methodist arm of the Uniting Church. I was ordained an Ecumenical Catholic Priest in 2015. I left under a cloud and last year was Laicized. We have spent the last 3 years back in the Uniting Church. I am on a Ministry Team running our Parish until we find another Pastor. Our previous pair chose to move on at the same time. One to Newtown Mission, the other is returning to teaching in the Theological College.

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