The Torah’s Version of the Flood Story 

This snipped article tells the Torah’s version of the story of Noah and his Box or Ark.

We are having a lively discussion over at justmebeingcurious/2018/02/07/inside-the-ark-rather-icky/, there are 4 articles that I have written over there which refer to the Genesis events as Stories, as do the Jews. I have just now  discovered this article – so it wasn’t in my possession before I wrote the latest Post. My independent research now seems to be confirmed.

My aim has been to revisit these stories of our first beginnings and to overturn our perceptions that our God destroyed all that was made off the face of the earth just because those in that particular land, or country /’erets’ exercised their ‘Free Will’.

It is worth reading this Jewish version of the event, which is at The world wide centre for Jewish Learning

The nearest Centre to me is in Bondi 

Read this and come over and join the fun!

פרשת נח The Torah’s Version of the Flood Story

In 1929, while excavating Abraham’s native city of Ur, the great British archaeologist Leonard Woolley (1880-1960) observed a thick layer of sediment covering the valley. Not a man to shy away from publicity, Woolley telegraphed messages to the leading newspapers in Britain and the USA announcing that he had found proof of Noah’s Flood. But he was a scholar too, so when he compiled his report, Ur of the Chaldees: A Record of Seven Years of Excavation (London: Ernest Benn Ltd., 1935), he acknowledged that what he had discovered was evidence not of a universal deluge, but of a disaster confined to the lower Tigris/Euphrates valley.

Knowledge of the ancient world has increased exponentially since Woolley’s time. If you think Noah’s Flood was a universal deluge rising to 15 cubits above Mt Ararat in 2100 BCE (1656 years after Creation), give or take or few years, forget it, it never happened; there is overwhelming evidence that most life around the planet continued on its normal course.

Does that mean that the story of Noah’s Ark is a fantasy? Not at all. The truth behind the words is more wonderful than the plain meaning, and reaches far back in time. The story of [  ]

Source: The Torah’s Version of the Flood Story –

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