The Prosperity Gospel – a thought

And so am I, there is reason why we hear and read as we do,else pointless when no one bothers to write…….

Just me being curious

“Throughout those years we faced countless criticisms from both inside and outside the church.  Dateline NBC, The Fifth Estate (a Canadian news program), and other shows did investigative work.  Well-known ministry leaders took to the airwaves warning people about our teachings, and local pastors told their congregations to steer clear of pulpits filled by a “Hinn.”  At the time, I believed we were being persecuted like Jesus and Paul, and that our critics were just jealous of our blessings.”
“Benny Hinn is my uncle but prosperity preaching isn’t for me” – Costi Hinn: forthegospel

I have a theory about these blogs.

That they are connectors.  That they are a way of being connected to another.  And at times I sense a connection, and at others I don’t.

Living in the UK and being out of the politics of church as much of possible, not having found a denominational niche, not…

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