Church (should not)-John Chuchman


Permission given to post in full


should not be about

providing the answers

to people’s faith questions,

instead encouraging

and helping them

to live the questions.



should not be about

a building

or a hierarchical organization,

instead connoting

a simple gathering (ecclesia)

of people

seeking spiritual growth

and nourishment.



should not be

a tower of babel

requiring everyone

to do things the same way,

instead celebrating creation’s diversity,

learning from others’ varied life experiences.


should be

less about externals

(signs of piety, etc.)


more about internals

(spiritual growth and transformation).


should be less about earning the next life

and more about finding Joy in this life.


should not exist

for the benefit of its clergy,

instead striving to help

any and all needy of the world.


should be

about the simple life and teachings of Jesus,

less about

a regal Christ.

We are Church


should be.

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