The greatest of these is … being right

Throughout our lives, all things change.
Love holds what fear at bay.
Grow, children, grow. For love is your outward garment,cladding you against the onslaught of the know it all’s 🏘

Just me being curious

Four grandsons. In age they are very close. In reality they are far apart.

12 weeks old? Feeding, winding, sleeping, smiling, rocking, repeat.
3 years old? Playing, running, chasing, cuddling, giggling, snacking, sleeping, repeat.
4 years old? Tablet, wii, tablet, wii, snacking, talking, tablet, wii, not sleeping.
6 years old? Music, dancing, cuddling, walking, eating, music, games, eating, sleeping.

We have all four today and overnight.  Between them all is six whole years – and at this age it sounds a lot.  Yet there are eight whole years between Nana and me.

So if this was about the two of us it would be two whole more years before “Nana” was even born – and I would be another two years away from where our oldest grandchild already is.  And in the context of where these four young boys are now – and where this lovely lady and I are…

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