Images of God

Eucharist – stained glass Philip BarringtonCreative Commons

For member’s of the Catholic traditions this image represents the focus of Liturgy. There being no other Service for the every Sunday Pew catholic other the Mass, Benediction,and Reconciliation.

For those entering into the wider world of Word and Praise there is the Daily  Office, Prayer Groups and Seasonal programmes exist.

But even these call catholics to view everything possible through Eucharistic eyes. Someone once told me that a homily wasn’t a homily unless all point’s led to Eucharist.

Indeed we have our ALL to return with joyful praise for the one who sits within the Chalice who is ever available,drunk in ever Time zone that He is received everywhere.

Yet he is also the Living Word upon which other traditions make their Primary focus. The life of Christ and all our histories, our journeys’ of Faith are contained within the pages of the living Book. The waters of Baptism wash over us from this Word who said”DO”, the Bread and wine of life is sent to us, when you come together “DO”.

So Jesus speaks to us, not from the Cup alone, but from every word that comes from the mouth of God.


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