The sin of Original Sin?

And the serpent beguiled Eve

Just me being curious

We are watching Suits,(Netflix) and have reached Season 5 (I think).

As the story progresses the main character and his “original sin” becomes ever more central to the storyline:

Mike Ross is employed by a top-flight law firm who only employ the cream of Harvard Law School.  His “original sin” is to be an unqualified college drop-out – just with a superb instant photographic memory and instant recall of everything he reads in a split-second. Oh … and the street smarts necessary to bend the law so hard it turns elastic.

Which is obviously the goal of every top-flight lawyer, just – in this storyline – with a top-flight Harvard Law School endorsement hanging proudly on the wall.

This original sin is used and abused by more and more people. This great sin that would bring their law firm tumbling down … This unforgivable sin everyone ignores to make use of…

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