Nones- John chuchman


The Catholic church

has long relied on the handing-down of faith

from one generation to the next.

But, in contemporary culture

young people are acutely aware of their ability

to consciously engage in the free construction of their own religious identity. Increasingly in our society

young people are forming their religious identities

that are an amalgamation of various traditions, practices, beliefs,

communal and social connection.

Most non-affiliated (Nones)

 believe in God as a higher power or life force,

and many engage in religious or spiritual practices

through communities where they find a sense of connection,

meaning and validation.

They are actively engaged in works of the Gospel,

especially social action and justice.

In other words, the vast majority of nones

are not against religious experience and practice,

and they are certainly not devoid of belief in God as a higher power.

However, they have justifiably lost trust in institutional Catholic Church to provide the kind of religious experience and attitudes they seek.

As a result, they are constructing new forms of community and connection, new religious and spiritual practices.


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