Myth, Myth, Myth.John Chuchman

John Chuchman

I am so saddened

by the way

the word Myth

has been debased in our language

and has come to be used to signify

untruth or falsehood.


is an allegorical narrative,

often about the origin of things,

conveying metaphysical truth,

(beyond time and space)

cosmological truth,

(about the visible universe)

and anthropological truth

about humanity.


is a complex

of signs and meanings

symbolizing a reality

so rich,

it cannot be expressed directly

in logical terms.


is the Ultimate Truth

of which all experience

is a temporal reflection.


is if timeless and placeless validity,

true nowhere and everywhere.


embodies the best approach

to absolute truth

that can be stated in words.

No science

can replace Myth,

not because God is Myth,

but because


is the revelation

of the Divine life

in humanity.

We do not invent Myth;

It speaks to us

as a Word of God,

a secret opening

through which

the inexhaustible energies

of the cosmos

pour into human experience.

Myth, Myth, Myth.




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