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Welcome to The Life Project! Join us on a journey through life following Jesus Christ. Our journey of life is an adventure of discovery that is both exciting and challenging. It is a discovery of clear and simple faith that comes from the a clear and simple understanding of the Word of God. No, we aren’t perfect, we are works in progress. There’s no judging, no guilt and no condemnation here, just perspectives on life and truth as we work on our Project to become a little more like Him every day.
The Gospel of Matthew
A Brief introduction to the Gospel of Matthew
Posted on May 21, 2019 From the second century AD onward, Matthew the tax collector has been identified as the author of this, the first Gospel in our New Testament. As is true with the other three Gospels, it first began to be circulated without an author’s name and so it remains debatable whether or not he was the actual author; that is if you want to debate. Most likely written sometime after 70 AD, there has never been much in the way of debate concerning its veracity or worthiness of being considered divinely inspired, and it usually appeared at the top of any list of writings to be included in Scripture. [ ] Source:A brief introduction to the gospel of Matthew

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