If thousands of years and millions of testimonies about the workings of God are mere foolishness

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For ages lots of people wrote about the Most High and about the creationof our universe. Many sought solutions in a series of gods and their adventures, others could find it was only One Eternal Being Who was the Source. Many researched how it could be that all those things came into being.

Guest Speaker – there is one more paragraph….
Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai echad
Hear O Israel, the Eternal is our God, the Eternal is one
Hoor, O Israel, de Eeuwige Elohim is onze God, de Eeuwige Adonai is één
If thousands of years and millions of testimonies about the workings of God are mere foolishness and unverified anecdotes, then what are a few years of a very few persons testifying that they have detected quarks?
Towering scientific geniuses — Newton and Einstein, for example — saw the creation as evidence of God’s greatness. Why, then, should anyone give credence to certain scientific midgets (who in matters of science stand on the shoulders of these giants), when these small minds assert, with no proofs, not even any evidence, that there is no God?

 ~ by Theodore Kobernic in Scientific Musings Regarding God


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  1. The detection of quarks may be observed, measured, and repeated, somewhat like the existence of germs and viruses, shortly after they were first observed. The subjective existence of God can not be observed, measured or repeated.
    Stephen Hawking, whose mind makes those of Newton and Einstein look like grade school students, did not believe in God. He, and the rest of the small minds, don’t claim that there is no God. They merely state that there is no evidence to believe in the existence of your definition and description of Him. 🙄

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