To Know God

A personal story – as the result of watching this video.
Transcript from video

Seven years ago, a friend asked me, he said, do you know God? Before I could even answer his question, he said, to get to know God, you should spend some time in prayer every day. That got me started. 

On my subway commute to work, I’d take my Book of Psalms, and I’d read a psalm, and then I’d close my eyes and talk to God. Because to get to know someone, you’ve got to spend some time with them. There are so many other ways you can also pray. 

I learned a prayer from a friend. It’s The Jesus Prayer. It’s very short. Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a miserable sinner. It’s a little prayer you can say any time of day or night and it stays right there in your head. 

Praying for other people– my father had an expression, I’ll hold a good thought for you, when he was praying for someone else. You hold a good thought and it’s a good thought that will also help you. Or just saying, no, God, no, at times of despair. [ ]

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