Ashura 9/10 Muharram

  Fadlullah Wilmot to The Sharing Group
Ashura in Australia The Annual Ashura Procession Australia is a procession held every year, since 2004, to remember and promote Imam Hussain and his legacy. The various guides and aims of the event are stated in the sub-headings below. Through his reform, Imam Hussain paved the path for human unity by helping those who were oppressed. The process of bringing people together to remember him in turn fulfils this great vision.
About Imam Hussain Who is Imam Hussain (a.s)? The Son of Fatima Al Zahra, daughter of the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed Ibn Abdullah The Son of Ali Ibn Abu Talib, the leader of the Faithful, the first believer in Islam, the bravest in God’s path, the most just in his judgements and the fairest with his people
Ashura is a religious observance for Muslims all over the world. Ashura literally means tenth, and it is celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram, first month on the Islamic calendar. It is celebrated by both Sunnis and Shi’a Muslims, for different reasons Ashura greetings on day that can remind Muslims of our common heritage with our Jewish brothers and sisters as well as the common history that joins Sunni and Shia. Let us pray that this day can help bring about reconciliation between people, religions, sects and between individuals and God. Let this be a day to remind us to love, respect, encourage and support each other and all humanity of all faiths and none as believers should. For Sunni Muslims it marks the day Moses, over 3,300 years ago led the Israelites to freedom from slavery in ancient Egypt and our Jewish brothers will celebrate this day next month. For Shia Muslims the day is remembered as a day of sorrow for on this day occurred the tragic slaughter of the grandson of the Prophet Imam Hussein by other Muslims. 

God wants all the children of Adam, all humanity, men, women and children of whatever ethnicity or religion to have a dignified life and to be free to decide for themselves what kind of life they want to live. In fact the Muslim adoption of this celebration comes from interaction between Jews and Muslims in Madinah when the prophet Muhammad asked Jews who were fasting from the ninth to the 11th day of the month of Muharram the reason. The response was that they celebrating how God in saved Moses and the Israelites from the Egyptian pharaoh and Muhammad told his followers to adopt the Jewish tradition. Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad was killed at the Battle of Karbala. Shia Muslims therefore observe this as a day of sorrow. However Hussain should be remembered as a beacon of love, as an extension of Muhammad’s wisdom, justice and mercy, as one of the Salaf, the righteous predecessors. This was the grandson of the Prophet, an imam of the Muslims and the leader of the youth of Paradise and his story is integral to Sunni tradition and Sunni history. The escape from slavery and liberation of Moses and his people is our liberation. Hussain’s massacre is our massacre. Hussain’s Karbala is our Karbala. Hussain’s Ashura is our Ashura.

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