The wreck of the Church and of those within it

Two Posts ago I explored the significance and symbolism between a Ship/ Barque and the Church.

It represents the Church – One Holy Catholic.

Though we might still refer to a barque as a sanctuary for the Denomination to which we belong – yet we must agree that now the single Ship, boat, barque is now a disarrayed fleet of differing believers all sailing in their own vessels.

Scripture speaks of both “Safe Harbours” and Unsafe harbours”

1.Psalm 107:28b-31

Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble,
and He brought them out of their distress.
29H e calmed the storm to a whisper,
and the waves of the sea were hushed.
30They rejoiced in the silence,
and He guided them to the harbor they desired.
31Let them give thanks to the LORD for His loving devotion
and His wonders to the sons of me 107/18(opens in a new tab)

2 Act 27:12
Since the harbour was unsuitable to winter in, the majority decided to set sail from there, hoping somehow to reach Phoenix, a harbour on Crete open to the southwest and northwest, and to winter there.

Sometimes Harbours were unsafe and must be left for safer ones

Knowing Jesus

Isa 23:1
A message concerning Tyre. “Wail, you ships of Tarshish, for Tyre is destroyed and is without house or harbor! From the land of Cyprus it was revealed to them.

Knowing Jesus search on harbour

I have also noted the word ‘Harbor’, due to its American spelling I did not grasp its other meaning – such as to harbor malice in our hearts-dealing with most instances of human emotion, both positive and negative. Unforgiveness,love hate etc. The turmoil of the Church in schism.

Much of the malice and harboring were engendered by the frustration of possible revelations from the Holy Spirit giding them to another way and the suffering and death such an action might bring upon them. Denominatons were born in death. From gradual departure from the place where they were, such as Methodism leaving their temporarally haven in the Church of England – another barque in the fleet.

Individuals within many or most denominations experience perceptons of alienation, of feeling non human. Confusion in the relationship between what they perceive as unforgivable sin and Salvation. The LBGT Community, the Mentally ill, the divorced – those desiring partners in Celebate churches. Those desiring ordination who are refused yet hear the persistent call of the Spirit to do just that, Those with persistent heretical concepts, who no longer believe the doctrine or dogma of their current denominaton. All these face the possibility of walking the plank and being cast into the Ocean before the whole is polluted. The modern day saints.

Fleets of safety, ships with large brigs and drastic punishment- will our denominations come to this? Thus making moreships in the fleet.

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