That is so sad and wrong

Bible Coloring and me. The ethereal church.

Below are two snippets from a blog entry written by a friend of mine. It sums up many of my own thoughts on this subject so I encourage you to go and have a read.

And “power” takes the skulduggery and machinations we know as “politics”.

The smaller parties say it should be proportional. The mainstream parties remain happy with first-past-the-post.  The electorate is convinced politics is a bubble whose only concern is to keep “them” in power next time around.

A lot of the political class have been nothing much else.  Volunteers, interns, lowly paid flunkies, all hoping to be talent-spotted.  And then the prize.  Nomination and hoped-for election.  All so that each “can make a difference”.  Except making a difference is to buck the trend.  And power doesn’t come easily to those who do that.  Power comes to those who fit-in, who work the machine, who network and accumulate favours by giving favours, who have that infamous black-book of contacts and favours to be returned….[…]….

…….I wonder if that is why the bums-on-seats count is going down.  Why people regard themselves as less and less religious.  And which absorbs church hierarchies – results in debate (or the reason for never stopping the debate) – trying to make the rules palatable enough to attract new believers – trying to work out if new believers prefer the simplicity of a black and white bible – a “carrot and stick” belief bible – trying to manipulate the message into the structure of denomination, religion or faith.

That is so sad and wrong


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