The Lost Sheep

The lost sheep.


I am the Lamb of God who comes to die for the sins of the world.

I am my Father’s only Son,conceived by my Holy Spirit,born of my mother Mary. To save the works of my hand.

And the Evening and the Morning were the 6th day. I saw every person and the work of my hand was very good.

Though fallen and tarnished,worshipping other gods,the automobile,gold,or the women who stand at the cross roads.

I love them and when I call their name’s they follow the melody of my voice. But not all,they do not know me, like the Lamb who goes astray,I persue each one, one by one and the angels above rejoice until the Book of Life is complete.

God weeps for the unrepentant! Though God knew who would not come. 1000 times a thousand their name’s were called yet willfully they ignored their Maker. They spurned me who died that they might live. They denied,they did not believe, yet I love them, as my side is riven as I am Scourged and Crowned as I drag my cross beam to the gallows. I die that they might live, in spite of themselves.

I am dead and buried I am Resurrected and all who believe in me shall have eternal life.

I know you by your name’s for you are mine. And you will live forever in my kingdom.

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