“……….Nor our grandson either.  But we do.  We have a choice in what is our “normal”.  And I am discovering in this pandemic that “normal” is not something that is thrust upon me as I assumed for years – but something that I choose.”The New Normal Paulf


‘Life. Be in it.‘ Australia is the DGR Charity of our non profit body authorised as a tax deductible health promotion charity. Our mission is to prevent chronic disease and get everyone to ‘Be More Active’.

Commendable self isolator:Most Australians will remember Norm, the quasi Onslow character but without any wit, wisdom, or drive, just a three meal a day can of beer and anything but good food. Covid19 didn’t get him, he lived in the 90s.

Let sleeping Norms lie, says irate widow of Life. Be In It artist By Carolyn Webb
October 18, 2018 — 12.00pm
Norm left lasting legacy, but high heart risks remain
Peter Leedman The West Australian
Wednesday, 26 April 2017 12:53PM

The norm bell Curve.
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So what is the Norm ,that it should be Al and where is this guy Al?

Okay, in our current situation some will not appreciate our Norm, but he has made a lasting impression on many of us and so when I ponder our current situation, he springs straight to my mind to remind me than Norm-al is wherever we find ourselves. Statistics tell us that it is the pinnacle of the beloved Bell curve – all annoyances, like Norm and those mentioned below removed for the sake of a pretty graph.

So, when we think of norm-al we are just as likely to remove from this equation grandchildren like Paulf’s,one of mine,the blind, the deaf,the crippled the lame, the witless etc etc. Because these aren’t normal individuals, they are different in what we call an ”E Ay right” kind of way. Or is “All monged up”care of my children in their younger years. AND they make us feel uneasy. Perhaps challenge what remains of our christian Charity.

Covid19-the new leprosy?
Social Isolation in Seniors – the norm.

For man and beast, for each individual there is a present, a today, not a tomorrow or yesterday, when we realize that there is no such thing as normal. We are all of us, and everything a beautiful image of God Most High who Is. As we should Be.

This morning I picked up a package from a friend, my exercise for today. Soon, at a Social Distancing I will shout my order to the bakery and wait my turn to approach and tap my card from about a metre away.

This is today, people are more amicable.

So should our spiritual distancing become. God, I can see your form, right beside the next one in the queue. They can see you with me,because we are relearning to care for each other,it is no more God and me,God with us will walk through this tunnel together.

God is with all,even the outliers of the curve and the bell rings all the more cheerfully because God is within each and everyone-even the cat who likes the dog.

Care for the little ones,those with Alzheimer’s,Asperger,Senility,the blind,the lame,the halt,those with Downs Syndrome,and… and the deaf. For you are not deaf to their cries and the sting of the Spirit is sharper today.

The love of God compels us.

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