Spirituality and Religion

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Timothy Warren, Facebook.

Spirituality & Religion

We live in an age where people claim to be spiritual, but not religious. However, most who claim this don’t seem to realize that the two go hand-in-hand. True spirituality has historically required discipline and mentorship. Here’s a few things that comprises a spiritual person.

The spiritual life is one of self discipline, intentional devotion, the taming of one’s emotions and desires, physical and mental self care, giving freely of one’s self in the goal of serving God in all people, nurturing divine qualities within ourselves such as love and forgiveness, etc. Spirituality is not about feelings, incense, bells, charms, music, etc. True spirituality humbles a person as they learn to empty themselves of worldliness and those things that separate them from that which is holy and divine.

Religion provides us a system by which we can develop a spiritual life, whether it’s ritual, retreats, a rule of life, opportunities for corporate worship, Sacramental or liturgical practices, etc. Religion has gotten a bad name in the past few years, and for good reason. But truly spiritual people reclaim religion for which it was originally intended. No one religious system fits everyone’s needs, but religious practice is part and parcel of a spiritual life.

Being spiritual is not, however, synonymous with being religious, or vice versa. There are many religious hypocrites and pharisees, a d there are spiritual people who may not ascribe to a particular religious tradition. But real spirituality is about relation, between individuals and the person and the Divine. Spirituality is not an individual activity, but one that takes place in community.


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